Executive Board Members

  Nerissa Simon (President): nerissa@onehourforlife.org

Nerissa has incredible experience and insight with global health and non-profit organizations. Nerissa is formally trained as a registered nurse and is currently a project manager for BioFire Diagnostics in Salt Lake City, UT. She now works on the development of a new PCR-based diagnostic that detects multiple infectious disease pathogens at once based on a patient’s presenting symptoms. In Nerissa’s free time, she directs and manages all the on-goings of OHL. As president for the previous 2 years, her goals are to put OHL on the map and help this organization fulfill its potential.

DSC_0334b  Tony Pomicter (Treasurer, Vice President): tony.p@onehourforlife.org

Tony has lived in New York to Alaska, Delaware, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and now Utah. His academic interests include all types of biology and scientific theory. Notably this includes studying insect viruses, malaria vaccine targets, myelin biology, cell biology of epilepsy, and now therapy-resistant leukemia. Following his involvement with numerous student organizations in college and other subsequent volunteer activities, he has channeled his extra energy into One Hour for Life. As a long-standing and dedicated volunteer, Tony continues to ensure we pay our taxes and balance our books.

IMG_3944    Janet Lignugaris/Kraft (Co-Secretary): janet@onehourforlife.org

Janet has extensive experience working as an English as a second language teacher for Park City School District. She recently retired and helps OHL for years to fundraise, develop curriculum, and reach out to local Utah communities. She is instrumental to the success of the organization and goes far beyond her role as the Secretary for OHL. In fact, she has adopted many of us and become the official “Mom” of our organization.

antigone  Antigone Kithas (Co-Secretary): antigone@onehourforlife.org

Antigone Kithas is a medical student at the University of Utah who joined One Hour for Life in 2014. She has a passion for serving others, and is actively involved in helping her Salt Lake community. She worked with OHL and the University’s own student-run clinic for refugees to bring both groups together and start a joint-effort at the refugee clinic. Antigone has been involved with many other local organizations, such as the Salt Lake chapter of the National Charity League, the Road Home, Ronald McDonald House, the Utah AIDS Foundation, Planned Parenthood, the Literacy Action Center, and Haven Hospice. When she pulls herself away from schoolwork, Antigone likes to ride her bike and eat at all of the delicious local restaurants around Salt Lake. You’ll usually find her eating dessert, as that is her favorite meal!

Adhik Pokam Adhik Pokam (Marketing Director): adhik@onehourforlife.org

Adhik has a Masters in Marketing from Queensland University of Technology, Australia and a Bachelors Degree in Pharmacy from Pune, India. He loves helping people and aspires to work for organizations who are involved in protecting the world’s endangered species and wildlife. Adhik previously worked with ‘Neighborhood House’ on brand recognition through social media and marketing and currently volunteers with ‘American Red Cross’ in their office work and blood transport services. Adhik is an avid outdoor enthusiast, and at home he enjoys cooking and trying new delicious recipes. Adhik’s goals with OHL are to provide expertise in digital marketing, social media, and brand promotion to contribute to the success of the non-profit.

  Isabel VanDerslice (International Program Leader): isabel@onehourforlife.org

Isabel was born in Raleigh, North Carolina and spent several years in El Paso, Texas before her family settled in much greener Olympia, Washington. She spent her senior year of high school living with a family just outside of Barcelona, Spain, and fell in love with Catalan and Spanish language, culture, and especially, cooking. She graduated from Western Washington University with her BS in Cellular and Molecular Biology, and particularly enjoyed studying biochemistry and immunology. Throughout college and for two years after, Isabel managed political campaigns but retired from organizing to pursue her dream of practicing medicine. She matriculated with the Class of 2018 at the University of Utah School of Medicine in 2014, and spend her first summer abroad in Ethiopia with One Hour for Life looking for antibiotic resistant bacteria in several public and private hospitals in the capital, and in the community’s water supply. In future, she hopes to work internationally on infectious diseases and public health.






Johanna Estrada (Utah Program Leader): johanna@onehourforlife.org

Johanna is an incredible asset to the One Hour for Life team. She is our “go to” person for the OHL programs in connection with Somali refugee population in Salt Lake City, Utah. Johanna traveled to Ethiopia  on two occasions acting as a “trip leader” most recently. She continues to work on data analysis, teaching OHL classes, and program development while studying medicine at the University of Utah.

  Edward Minnett (Co-founder): ed@onehourforlife.org

Edward graduated from the University of British Columbia and now lives in London, England. As the mastermind behind the graphics, design, and donation tracking technology that will be unique to One Hour for Life, Edward volunteers his time and expertise to help build an organization that redefines non-profit organizations. Edward believes that the world is a changing place and with One Hour for Life, we can all mold the future for the better.


  Ira Kraft (Co-founder): ira@onehourforlife.org

Ira believes that life is not only about what you do with your time in the world, but also what you leave behind. He dreams about having a positive impact on those around him and creating something bigger than himself. Ira is motivated by working with other like-minded individuals in OHL to create sustainable healthcare globally. If he had a super power, it would be the ability to communicate with anyone. Not just the ability to speak their language, but also to understand the meaning of each word as if it were your native language.

Past OHL Contributors: with your help we have already achieved so much!

Dawn Mikelones (Co-President, 2014)

Dawn was co-president of OHL in 2014 and was instrumental in the international development of the organization. Under her presidency, she personally visited Ethiopia and orchestrated a three-year memorandum of understanding with Addis Ababa University, School of Public Health. She envisioned a wide-spread connection between dedicated volunteers from the United States and students at Addis Ababa School of Medicine. Dawns contributions extended far beyond her time as president and she is now an advisor to the organization.

Kelly Daly-Wolfe (Co-President, 2014)

In Kelly’s year as president, she helped to found and develop the Utah-based chapter of OHL. She initiated and instrumented two programs in Salt Lake City, Utah to help those without a voice. These programs spearheaded by Kelly included a dietetics education class for Somali refugees and a healthy cooking class for single parents on the west-side of SLC. Kelly has now completed her physician’s assistant training at the University of Utah. Her contribution to OHL is long standing.

Justin Boyer (Website Development, 2014)

Justin use to be our website developer. Unfortunately for OHL, life took him on to bigger and better things. We greatly appreciate all his help and dedication. Now Justin is a great consultant for when we cannot figure out how to get the buttons to appear in the right place or the color of the background correct.

Laura Heying: (Social Media Manager, 2013-2014)

Laura has a degree in marketing with emphasis on social media use. As our social media advisor, Laura is living in St. Louis taught us to manage the OHL social media outlets. She still pops on our social media from time to time, but for the most part has moved on to bigger and better things. If you have anything to say to Laura try tweeting @lauraheying and see what comes back!

Kari Madden (Advisor, 2013-2014)

Kari is interested in sustainable development and plans to pursue a Masters degree in a related field.   Her travels and studies in South America inspired an interest in sustainable development, and she hopes to continue to travel and explore the world.